At the IRSPM conference in Hong Kong, we heard that we have won the best article award in Public Management Review for our article “A systematic review of co-creation and co-production: Embarking on the social innovation journey“. We want to thank the editorial board for this decision. The article is based on the EU FP7 LIPSE (Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments) project. An abstract and citation is shown below. Abstract cocreation and […]

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For public administration scholars, psychological theories and methods can be extremely helpful, especially when studying attitudes or behaviors of (groups of) citizens, public professionals, or public managers. Behavioral public administration explicitly connects public administration and psychology. We published a JPART Virtual Issue and will be holding a EGPA Permanent Study Group on this topic. Next to this, I will present about this in Washtington DC. JPART Virtual Issue on Behavioral […]

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Eva Knies (Utrecht University) and I developed a new article on how to measure public leadership. It has been published in Public Administration and is entitled “Measuring public leadership: Developing scales for four key public leadership roles”.    Abstract This article on public leadership contributes to the literature by focusing on the ‘public’ aspect of leadership and developing quantitative scales for measuring four public leadership roles. These roles all refer to the extent […]

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How do public professionals cope with stress? Police officers, social workers, teachers and physicians often face high workloads while having few resources and limited time per client. Therefore, they often face severe stress. The goal of this Marie Curie project was to understand how these workers cope with this stress, and how this affects their clients (which are for instance students, unemployed people or citizens). To achieve this goal, we have conducted various studies. These include: A systematic review of […]

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Red tape is one of the most often-mentioned nuisances of citizens about government. However, there is a dearth in red tape research focusing on citizens. Therefore, our first goal was to study the effects of red tape on citizen satisfaction. Next to this, we studied which other individual factors may change this relationship. To reach these two goals, we designed an experiment in which 179 subjects participated. Experiments are still relatively rare in […]

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Philip Rocco (University of California, Berkeley) and I developed a new article on how frontline workers cope with e-government reforms, specifically the Affordable Care Act (or ‘Obamacare’). It has been published in Public Administration Review and is entitled “Serving Clients When the Server Crashes: How Frontline Workers Cope with E-Government Challenges“. Furthermore, Philip Rocco developed a PAR-podcast, which takes you through the story in a mere 10 minutes!   Abstract Implementing e-government in […]

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Together with prof. dr. Michael Musheno (University of California, Berkeley), prof. dr. Victor Bekkers (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Evelien Vink MSc (Erasmus University Rotterdam), I developed an article on how frontline workers, such as teachers and social workers, cope with stress at work. The article has been published in the Nr. 1 journal in the field of Public Administration worldwide: the Journal of Public Administration, Research & Theory, published by Oxford University […]

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Are you – or know students who are – interested in a high-quality two-year Master Programme in Public Administration & Organizational Science? Check out the “Research Master in Public Administration and Organizational Science”, a joint program by Utrecht University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Free University Amsterdam, Tilburg University and Radboud University Nijmegen. The Master program is coordinated by central coordinators Prof. dr. Albert Meijer and Prof. dr. Paul ‘t Hart. Next to this, university-specific coordinators are Prof. […]

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Together with profs. Victor Bekkers, Sandra van Thiel and Bram Steijn, I developed an article on work alienation and policy alienation and their effects on behavior on the job. The article, entitled “The effects of work alienation and policy alienation on behavior of public employees” has now been accepted for publication in Administration & Society! We were interested in studying to what extent work alienation and policy alienation resulted in negative behaviors on […]

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Montgomery van Wart, Lotte Bogh Andersen, Mila Gasco and I have developed a panel for the next IRSPM-conference in Birmingham, entitled “Contemporary Leadership Issues: Managing people, change & innovation”.  If you have any papers relevant for this leadership panel, we would love to receive an abstract. This IRSPM panel will be used to develop a joint research program on the topic of leadership, innovation and change, including international publication opportunities […]

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