For the Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance I have developed a Encyclopedia chapter that summarizes the policy alienation studies so far. It is valuable for scholars who want to study policy alienation in future studies as it gives a clear overview of the current studies and the gaps in the literature. It is also valuable for practitioners who want to use the policy alienation framework in their organizations, for instance when studying policy implementation, organizational change or behavioral change questions.


Bureaucracy and Policy Alienation

Abstract on overview study of policy alienation

Policy alienation refers to a framework which examines the experiences of governmental employees with new policies they have to implement. It has been used to describe the experiences of front-line public professionals with new policies. It is defined “as a general cognitive state of psychological disconnection from the policy programme being implemented. This essay in the Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance has three goals. First, it aims to discuss the background and development of the policy alienation model. Second, it shows how policy alienation can be measured via surveys or interviews. Third, this essay has the goal to indicate valuable future theoretical, methodological and empirical research directions for scholars interested in further developing this line of research. To achieve this, this essay connects the study of policy alienation with core debates and concepts in public administration, including Public Service Motivation and red tape. By pursuing these three goals, this essay aims to help practitioners who are interested in using the policy alienation model to understand and improve policy implementation in their organizations. Next to this, it aims to provide scholars with a clear overview of the policy alienation model and lacunas in the field, which they can use when designing new studies

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Tummers, L.G. (2017). Bureaucracy and Policy Alienation. In: Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance (3rd edition), edited by A. Farazmand (ed.). 1-8. Springer Nature: New York.


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