We published a new article on Field Experiments in Public Administration, in the top journal Public Administration Review. Read it open access here! Abstract Field Experiments in PA Field experiments have become popular in public administration. By allowing for the identification of causal effects in realistic settings, field experiments may become central in several research agendas of relevance to the field. Conducting field experiments is difficult and problems often occur along the way. […]

CALL FOR PAPERS for the International Public Management Journal (IPMJ). Symposium: State-of-the-art in public management research methods. Public management scholars have always been eager to borrow theories from other disciplines to enrich understanding of public management practices (Raadschelders, 2013). However, public management scholars have been lagging behind in their knowledge and utilization of methods from other fields (Gill & Meier, 2000; Lee et al., 2012; Kelman, 2005). We believe that public […]

In a new article in the International Public Management Journal, led by dr. Sandra Groeneveld, we show that the public administration field is becoming increasingly quantitative. This is based on an analysis of 1.605 articles in the journals Public Administration, Public Administration Review, Journal of Public Administration, Research & Theory, and Governance. We show where much progress has been made, and where public administration can make a substantial contribution. For […]

If you start your research, should you go to the library or not? Should you start with a literature review? It seems evident that you should. However, reviewing literature before starting research also has its pitfalls, such as imposing preconceived ideas and therefore biasing your view on what’s happening in the outside world. You can be ‘blinded’ by the literature, only seeing things thought to be relevant. However, they might […]

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