We published a new article on Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the Public Sector, in the top journal Public Administration Review. Read it here! Abstract This article presents a systematic literature review of organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) in the public sector. The findings show that although OCB is gaining more attention in the public sector, research often does not take specific public sector characteristics or concepts into account. Based on the […]

How can leadership help lower work-family conflict and increase work-family enrichment? In a new article in Personnel Review Babette Bronkhorst and I show that a good relationship with your supervisor can result in lower work-family conflict and more work-family enrichment (feeling good at home because you’re doing good at work). Leadership lowers work-family conflict We show that a good relationship with your supervisor (in technical terms, high Leader-Member-Exchange, LMX) lowers work pressure, which […]

Stop researching transformational leadership! Researchers all over the world, stop with your research on transformational leadership! Now! This could be the provocative conclusion after reading the recent article of Profs. Daan van Knippenberg and Sim Sitkin in The Academy of Management Annals (2013). These leadership professors write about the problems surrounding transformational leadership. The challenge Van Knippenberg and Sitkin take on is huge. Transformational leadership is an established concept. Indeed, it is one of the most-often […]

Montgomery van Wart, Lotte Bogh Andersen, Mila Gasco and I have developed a panel for the next IRSPM-conference in Ottowa, Canada, entitled “New directions in public leadership, innovation and change research”.  If you have any papers relevant for the panel, we would love to receive an abstract. This IRSPM panel will be used to develop a joint research program on the topic of leadership, innovation and change, including international publication […]

Together with dr. Eva Knies, I have published a new article about leadership and meaningful work in the public sector, forthcoming in Public Administration Review.  In the article we argue that in the public administration discipline, there have been a number of important studies on leadership. However, here, scholarly inquiry still lags behind related disciplines such as psychology and business administration. The article contributes by analyzing the role public leaders can […]

Together with profs Pick, Teo and Newton, I am editing a special issue for the Journal of Organizational Change Management on Organizational Change and Public Sector Work. We invite papers about the following topics located within the broad theme of organizational change and public sector work: – HR Policies, leadership and employee responses to organizational change – Strategic HRM (including high performance work practices) and change management – Person-Organization fit, […]

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