New article, entitled Public Policy and Behavior Change, in Public Administration Review. Abstract Changing behavior is often necessary to tackle various societal problems, such as obesity, alcohol abuse, and debt problems. This article has two goals. First, it aims to highlight how governments can try to change behavior of citizens. Government can use various policy instruments, including incentives, bans/mandates, information campaigns, and nudges. However, the government should not be a […]

Abstract Transparent reporting, replications and open data are vital for scientific progress and developing useful knowledge for practice. However, public administration is not fully transparent (for instance, null effects are seldom published), replications are almost never conducted let alone published and few open datasets are available. We do not have a fully open research culture. In this article, I first argue that this is problematic. Second, I show how we […]

Honored and humbled to receive the 2019 Beryl Radin Award for Best Article in JPART, together with my co-author Sebastian Jilke from Rutgers University-Newark. The article “Which Clients are Deserving of Help? A Theoretical Model and Experimental Test?” is available on the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory website and on open repositories. Evaluation report: “The committee concluded that this is an important article that advances our understanding of […]