A new edition of a popular textbook that provides a systematic and up-to-date introduction to the different approaches to understanding leadership in the public sector. This text draws together a wide range of enduring and cutting-edge scholarship to provide a clear and concise overview of the area. Written by two of the field’s leading experts, it uses real-world case studies to unpack the dilemmas and complexities facing leaders in contemporary […]

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Eva Knies (Utrecht University) and I developed a new article on how to measure public leadership. It has been published in Public Administration and is entitled “Measuring public leadership: Developing scales for four key public leadership roles”.    Abstract This article on public leadership contributes to the literature by focusing on the ‘public’ aspect of leadership and developing quantitative scales for measuring four public leadership roles. These roles all refer to the extent […]

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Montgomery van Wart, Lotte Bogh Andersen, Mila Gasco and I have developed a panel for the next IRSPM-conference in Birmingham, entitled “Contemporary Leadership Issues: Managing people, change & innovation”.  If you have any papers relevant for this leadership panel, we would love to receive an abstract. This IRSPM panel will be used to develop a joint research program on the topic of leadership, innovation and change, including international publication opportunities […]

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The article “The management of change in public organisations: A literature review” is now available online on the website of the journal “Public Administration“. The article analyses the recent literature on change management in public organisations and sets out to explore the extent to which this literature has responded to earlier critiques regarding the lack of (public) contextual factors. The review includes 133 articles published on this topic in the period from 2000 to […]

I am pleased to be accepted to the 4th Executive Leadership Academy, to be held from March 24 – March 28 at the University of California, Berkeley. The Executive Leadership Academy “is designed for individuals from all backgrounds who are interested in preparing themselves for appointments to executive positions such as vice presidents, provosts, presidents, and chancellors. The ELA is an intensive and focused training academy for higher education administrators […]

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Self-leadership: From leading others to leading yourself When most people think of leaders, they think of famous people like Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, or (when talking about toxic leaders), Adolf Hitler. But why not think about ourselves in term of a leader? Academics and professionals interested in ‘self-leadership’ chose this path. Self-leadership literature can provide important lessons for professionals. Self-leadership has been shown to result in greater career […]

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