We published a new article on Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the Public Sector, in the top journal Public Administration Review. Read it here! Abstract This article presents a systematic literature review of organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) in the public sector. The findings show that although OCB is gaining more attention in the public sector, research often does not take specific public sector characteristics or concepts into account. Based on the […]

Sebastian Jilke (Rutgers University-Newark) and I developed a new article. It has been published in the Journal of Public Administration, Research & Theory (the nr. 1 journal in Public Administration) and is entitled “Which Clients are Deserving of Help? A Theoretical Model and Experimental Test“. Abstract Street-level bureaucrats have to cope with high workloads, role conflicts and limited resources. An important way in which they cope with this is by prioritizing some clients, while […]

At Utrecht University, we are developing a Center for Advanced Studies in Behavior, Public Policy & Administration. We aim to contribute to the quality of public institutions and their policies relating to important contemporary societal issues, such as ageing, security and employee and citizen well-being. We will do so from a specific perspective: by combining insights from psychology with public administration and economics. We focus on research in collaboration with important societal stakeholders, including […]

Research Master student Maurits van Leeuwen, prof. Steven Van de Walle and I received a NWO Research Talent (Dutch NSF, €200.000) grant to study service sabotage in the public sector. Based hereon, Maurits van Leeuwen received a four year PhD-position at Utrecht University School of Governance. Steven and I will act as his supervisors.   Title Civil servants are ignoring and discouraging citizens’ : Understanding service sabotage in the public sector   Abstract […]

For public administration scholars, psychological theories and methods can be extremely helpful, especially when studying attitudes or behaviors of (groups of) citizens, public professionals, or public managers. Behavioral public administration explicitly connects public administration and psychology. We published a JPART Virtual Issue and will be holding a EGPA Permanent Study Group on this topic. Next to this, I will present about this in Washtington DC. JPART Virtual Issue on Behavioral […]

Red tape is one of the most often-mentioned nuisances of citizens about government. However, there is a dearth in red tape research focusing on citizens. Therefore, our first goal was to study the effects of red tape on citizen satisfaction. Next to this, we studied which other individual factors may change this relationship. To reach these two goals, we designed an experiment in which 179 subjects participated. Experiments are still relatively rare in […]

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