Implementing evidence-based medicine is difficult. In this new overview study led by Rosanna Nagtegaal, we review the literature on how professionals can be nudged to use evidence-based medicine. Forthcoming in the Journal of Behavioral Public Administration. Abstract Translating medical evidence into practice is difficult. Key challenges in applying evidence-based medicine are information overload and that evidence needs to be used in context by healthcare professionals. Nudging (i.e. softly steering) healthcare […]

New article, entitled Public Policy and Behavior Change, in Public Administration Review. Abstract Changing behavior is often necessary to tackle various societal problems, such as obesity, alcohol abuse, and debt problems. This article has two goals. First, it aims to highlight how governments can try to change behavior of citizens. Government can use various policy instruments, including incentives, bans/mandates, information campaigns, and nudges. However, the government should not be a […]