The book “Policy alienation and the Power of Professionals” is going digitial. It is now available as an e-book on Google Play! Get book policy alienation and the power of professionals via google play Next to this, the first chapter can be downloaded for free via Edward Elgar. Get book policy alienation and the power of professionals via elgaronline Furthermore, the paper version is available via among else Amazon, ebay and Get book policy alienation and the power of professionals via Get book policy alienation and the power of professionals via ebay Get book policy alienation and the power of professionals via

Description of the book:

Policy alienation (in Dutch: Beleidsvervreemding) refers to a framework which examines the experiences of governmental employees with new policies they have to implement. It can be used to describe the experiences of public professionals with new policies. Why are many teachers against educational reforms? Why do healthcare professionals resist new policies? How can we improve this situation? The policy alienation framework can be used to assess such questions.


‘Lars Tummers has written a must-read book! While systemic changes ushered in by market-oriented reforms have received attention, little is known about the plight of the individual in modern bureaucracies. Tummers presents a masterful and authoritative account of policy alienation that public service professionals experience. The breadth and depth of Tummers’s scholarship is impressive! This book has something of value for everyone from the casual reader to public management scholar.’
– Sanjay K. Pandey, The State University of New Jersey, US “Why do public professionals resist policy changes? In this book Lars Tummers argues that we can use the concept of policy alienation – a “general cognitive state of psychological disconnection from a policy” that professionals can feel – to understand why. […]Julián López-Murcia [Oxford University] finds the policy alienation concept to be a significant contribution to debates regarding the organisation of public services.”
– LSE Review of Books “Tummers’ book resurfaces alienation as an established and useful concept, but also as a forgotten and ignored reality. Shifts in policies affect the meaning of these policies, and reforms affect power balances. The analyses in this book are crucial to help understand why policies fail and why there is resistance to change. Tummers coins “policy alienation” as an increasingly indispensable concept. Reforms would have been different if Tummers’ analysis on powerlessness and meaninglessness was more taken into account.”
– Geert Bouckaert, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium and former President of the European Group for Public Administration‘Why do public sector professionals resist change? Tummers offers a compelling account of the alienation of professionals following new public management reforms. This timely and methodologically innovative book shows public managers how to implement organisational change, and provides scholars with a set of new measurement scales. Policy Alienation and the Power of Professionals is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand how professional organisations operate, and why professionals resist some changes, while embracing others.”
– Steven Van de Walle, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands   google2d39693838eafef4Policy Alienation and the Power of Professionals - Edward Elgar

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