Behavioral Public Administration

Drawing upon developments in behavioral economics and psychology, and the behavioral sciences more broadly, together with various others I am working on a new research line. It studies the psychological and behavioral foundations of public administration, or in short ‘behavioral public administration‘ (BPA). This term – coined by Sebastian Jilke and me – obviously draws upon behavioral economics and psychology, and behavioral science in general. Behavioral public administration can be described as the field of study which systematically analyzes evaluative judgments, decision-making and the (intended) behavior of public managers, public professionals and citizens during citizen-state interactions, by drawing upon recent advances in our understanding of the psychology and behavior of individuals.

Core articles

Grimmelikhuijsen, S., Jilke, S., Olsen, A. L., & Tummers, L. (2017). Behavioral public administration: Combining insights from public administration and psychologyPublic Administration Review77(1), 45-56.

Tummers, L., Olsen, A. L., Jilke, S., & Grimmelikhuijsen, S. G. (2016). Introduction to the virtual issue on behavioral public administrationJournal of Public Administration Research and Theory, (3), 1-3.

Conferences on Behavioral Public Administration

Permanent Study Group on Behavioral Public Adminsitration, European Group of Public Administration

Next to this, we organize panels on Behavioral Public Administration for among else IRSPM (International Research Society for Public Management), PMRA conferences (Public Management Research Administration Conferences) and NIG Annual Conference (Netherlands Institute of Government).

Website of scholars related to Behavioral Public Administration

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