After working for almost a year at UC Berkeley on the Marie Curie project of coping during public service delivery, I will present the new findings at the UC Berkeley Center for the Study of Law & Society Center in the Selznick Seminar Room, devoted to Philip Selznick. In the presentation, I will discuss 1) a new conceptualization of coping, grounded in 30 years of coping literature, 2) reasons for choosing […]

I have just published a new book at Edward Elgar on change management and policy processes, entitled Policy alienation and the power of professionals. It analyzes why civil servants resist governmental policies and changes more in general. For instance, why do teachers strike against educational reforms? Why are physicians agitate against healthcare reforms? The book develops a new model of ‘policy alienation’ to understand and measure these problems of civil […]

I am very glad to have received a Marie Curie Fellowship for the project “Policy implementation in stressful times: Analyzing coping strategies of civil servants”. The project is funded by 7th Framework Program of the European Commission involving 180.000 Euro. The Fellowship will be conducted at the University of California, Berkeley (2013-2014) and the Erasmus University Rotterdam (2014-2015). Prof. dr. Victor Bekkers (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and prof. dr. Michael Musheno […]

Public professionals often face conflicts during implementing public policies. For instance, their manager may ask them to work swiftly and follow the rules, while their clients want their situation to be taken into account. Prof. Bekkers, prof. Steijn, Vermeeren MSc and I use a novel approach by conceptualizing and measuring role conflicts on the policy level, thereby linking policy implementation and psychology research. We construct and test scales for policy-client, policy-professional and organizational-professional role conflicts. […]