Grateful to be awarded a Vidi Grant of 800,000 euro from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) for my research proposal “Lazy Bureaucrats? Stereotypes of civil servants across countries”. Summary of the proposal There are many negative stereotypes about civil servants. They are called lazy or incompetent. But are such stereotypes universal? And what are the effects of stereotyping? This project investigates stereotypes of civil servants in three countries. It also studies […]

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Sebastian Jilke (Rutgers University-Newark) and I developed a new article. It has been published in the Journal of Public Administration, Research & Theory (the nr. 1 journal in Public Administration) and is entitled “Which Clients are Deserving of Help? A Theoretical Model and Experimental Test“. Abstract Street-level bureaucrats have to cope with high workloads, role conflicts and limited resources. An important way in which they cope with this is by prioritizing some clients, while […]

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Er is een volledig nieuwe editie van het standaardwerk Openbaar bestuur. De auteurs van vorige edities prof. Mark Bovens (WRR, Universiteit Utrecht), prof. Paul ‘t Hart (Universiteit Utrecht) en prof. Mark van Twist (NSOB, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam) hebben drie nieuwe auteurs gevonden om het boek samen te ontwikkelen. Samen met Prof. Martijn van der Steen (NSOB, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam) en dr. Caspar van den Berg (Universiteit Leiden) heb ik samen met […]

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In this new interdisciplinary project, we will study healthcare delivery and ways to improve it using the notion of ‘social innovation’. Three broad (preliminary) research questions will be leading in this project: How can suppliers of healthcare be stimulated to provide high quality healthcare delivery? How can certain groups of patients – such as people with low health literacy – be stimulated to take active part in healthcare delivery? How […]

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I developed a new article on relating coping and job performance. It has been published in the Journal of Public Administration, Research & Theory (the nr. 1 journal in Public Administration) and is entitled “The Relationship Between Coping and Job Performance” (Open access!). Abstract Workers on the frontline of public service, such as teachers and social workers, cannot provide unlimited support to all their clients, because of among else scarce time and money. […]

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At Utrecht University, we are developing a Center for Advanced Studies in Behavior, Public Policy & Administration. We aim to contribute to the quality of public institutions and their policies relating to important contemporary societal issues, such as ageing, security and employee and citizen well-being. We will do so from a specific perspective: by combining insights from psychology with public administration and economics. We focus on research in collaboration with important societal stakeholders, including […]

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For the Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance I have developed a Encyclopedia chapter that summarizes the policy alienation studies so far. It is valuable for scholars who want to study policy alienation in future studies as it gives a clear overview of the current studies and the gaps in the literature. It is also valuable for practitioners who want to use the policy alienation framework in their organizations, for instance when […]

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Research Master student Maurits van Leeuwen, prof. Steven Van de Walle and I received a NWO Research Talent (Dutch NSF, €200.000) grant to study service sabotage in the public sector. Based hereon, Maurits van Leeuwen received a four year PhD-position at Utrecht University School of Governance. Steven and I will act as his supervisors.   Title Civil servants are ignoring and discouraging citizens’ : Understanding service sabotage in the public sector   Abstract […]

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At the IRSPM conference in Hong Kong, we heard that we have won the best article award in Public Management Review for our article “A systematic review of co-creation and co-production: Embarking on the social innovation journey“. We want to thank the editorial board for this decision. The article is based on the EU FP7 LIPSE (Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments) project. An abstract and citation is shown below. Abstract cocreation and […]

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For public administration scholars, psychological theories and methods can be extremely helpful, especially when studying attitudes or behaviors of (groups of) citizens, public professionals, or public managers. Behavioral public administration explicitly connects public administration and psychology. We published a JPART Virtual Issue and will be holding a EGPA Permanent Study Group on this topic. Next to this, I will present about this in Washtington DC. JPART Virtual Issue on Behavioral […]

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